What Is All About Baulkham Hills Council Tree Removal?

Baulkham Hills council tree removal policies to ensure the safety of people and property. Tree removal teams must adhere to specific criteria, including the impact of their work on the environment and human health and safety. They must also take care to protect the aesthetic appeal of the area, as well as protect the road and neighbouring properties. If you are unsure of whether your tree removal proposal is eligible for approval, consult with the council's environmental specialist before proceeding.

The Baulkham Hills council tree removal has two main types of tree removal. Ground level tree removal involves digging up the tree and any associated roots. Tree felling involves cutting the tree down from above, leaving the roots below. While this method can clear a large area of land quickly, it involves a higher risk of accidents. The process can result in minor injuries and broken bones. Additionally, it can damage surrounding properties.

The Baulkham Hills council tree removal requires at least one hour's notice before removing a tree. This period may be extended, depending on the scope of the work. In order to request a tree removal permit, you will need to provide information regarding the height and location of the tree, as well as the proximity to power lines. If you wish to use a contractor to remove a tree, you should contact the Baulkham Hills council so they can approve the project.

Baulkham Hills council tree removal is committed to maintaining a high quality of life for the people. That is why the council has changed the management guidelines to make tree removal easier for residents. Previously, homeowners would have needed approval to remove trees from their properties, but now they can easily get rid of trees that are damaging to the property.

Council has already spent $1.5 million removing fallen trees. As a result, it is the fourth most leafy council with 17 per cent tree cover. Despite these statistics, the state government has no plans to review the laws on tree removal. The council is also implementing a 10-year national plan to combat child abusers. Visit and contact The Hills Tree Cutting at www.thehillstreecutting.com.au.